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9 Tips for Selling your Mississauga Condo

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1 . Establish the Correct Listing Price Establishing the right price for your property is the most vital thing when selling your Mississauga condo. If your listing price is to high, the property may stay too long on MLS and not get sold. If it’s too low, you don’t receive your fair market value. Also, if the price is too low, buyers might walk away, believing that there is something wrong with the property.


2 . Correct Listing Information Your listing agent should make sure that everything is filled out correctly. This includes professional pictures, correct square footage and an accurate description.


3 . Allow the Lockbox and Easy Access– Access via lockbox is certainly the industry standard. The code to your lockbox is only released by our office to real estate agents in order to minimize any risk to you. Prospective buyers don’t have direct access to your home and are always accompanied by their representative agent. It is also important to make your home accessible during afternoon and evening times, not just certain hours of the day. You do not want to make it too difficult for prospective buyers to make an appointment to see your home. This will allow for more showings and your home will disappear much faster from the market.


4. Spring Cleaning and Decluttering your Condo– Make sure that your home is clean and inviting and that there is no unwanted mess. This makes it easier to walk through and to give prospective buyers a better idea of the home, the size and the location of let’s say the walls. If there is too much clutter, buyers will be scared off and it is likely that they won’t come back. Last week, I have viewed a nice home unit in the Onyx, with a very good price. Yet it was a mess! My buyers did not even wish to step inside the unit!


5. Make Unit Cozy and Inviting– This falls under the cleaning category. However, sometimes it is nice to put up a few extras. Whip out those scented candles and put up nice pillows on your bed. Sometimes the extra effort makes a whole lot of difference. Think about it! If you walk into a new place that you are willing to buy and everything is well presented, it will catch your eye.


6. Allow Good Balance of Light– Buy mirrors! Mirrors reflect light, so it helps to brighten your small space. Another way is to make sure that enough light goes inside your condo. Make your windows bigger than usual, but not in the sense that you’re inviting burglars over for a shopping-spree. You can have your windows in full height, or have it as big as you want it to be. Complement these with nice and simple curtains.


7. Smell This is one of the most important factors. Venting your home is very important due to cooking smells or pet smells. No one wants to walk into a smelly home! Open up those windows and spray some febreze.


8. Rented Out Condos – A lot of the Square One condos have rented out units. Make sure that you give the tenants 24 hours notice for showings.


10. Market the Property Well – It’s about having a knowledgeable expert representing you and your best interest. A Realtor is familiar with the legalities involved, with current market conditions, and with the most promising selling and marketing procedures both in print and online. Check out my 26 point marketing plan and how I can sell your condo fast and for top dollar!


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