With Square One condo prices on the rise, it’s no surprise that this, in turn, has sparked a debate over the efficient use of square footage within units. Over the past decade, we have seen bedroom sizes shrink, and secondary washrooms along with walk-in closets become mainstream. This transformation has Mississauga condo shoppers closely scrutinizing condo unit layouts, trying to decide how to get most for their money. Let’s examine some of the advantages of having a 2nd bath and a walk-in closet.

A second bathroom establishes an automatic sense of luxury in a condo. The second washroom is usually accessed through the master bedroom suite, which creates a sense of additional privacy. Aside of the luxury aspect, an additional washroom really comes in handy when having guests over. Your personal bathroom belongings can be kept in the ensuite washroom and out of sight from the guests. Other residents take advantage of having two washrooms by assigning each of the bathrooms for exclusive use to different family members.



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