When deciding on a condo, what is often overlooked is one important element of the unit itself – the ceiling height. High ceiling Square One condos are typically found on new condos, more specifically on the lower levels (such as the 10-foot ceilings at Limelight) and on the upper penthouses (such as the Marilyn Monroe Buildings). For the past 6-7 years many, but not all new condo builders around square one have adopted a 9-foot standard height for most of their units.  Let’s look further into high ceilings from both a purchasing and selling point of view.

First, cost-analysis and enjoyment of high ceilings.  During a pre-construction stage of a condominium, the initial investment required to upgrade (if possible) from an 8 foot to a 9-foot ceiling, could be as high as $15,000. Some buyers are prepared to pay the extra for high ceilings, while other buyers prefer to allocate their funds on a better suite layout, perhaps with a longer balcony or a higher floor premium.  Nine foot plus ceilings do create a sense of additional space and are great for anyone with claustrophobia. They are also useful for those planning on installing ceiling fans.



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