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If you want to rent a condo in Mississauga, you are required by many landlords to sign a one year lease with them.  The one year lease is often seen as a good length of time for a landlord to commit to a tenant, and for a tenant to commit to a property. More than 50% of tenants end up staying for more than a year; sometimes for as long as 5 years. Read FAQ on condo rentals in Mississauga here.

Although there are no official definitions of short-term leases, for the purpose of this blog, I will define short-term leases as any residential condominium rental for the period of one day to 90 days, or 3 months.

Why is there such a demand for short-term condo rentals in Mississauga?

Unlike Muskoka or Miami, short term rentals in Mississauga are not primarily driven by tourism. Mississauga attracts a lot of short-term rentals because of three main reasons:

1) Business – Compared to its sister city Toronto, Mississauga is very affordable and easier to commute in by car. Many business professionals come to Mississauga since it’s close to the airport and it’s the headquarters of many fortune 500 companies. Executives that stay in short-term rentals argue that they prefer condos over hotels. Living at times for a week in a hotel can be depressing and tiresome.



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  • Ovation resident says:

    A quick update on the Ovation story:
    As a resident of Ovation I obtained the condo rules and regulations and noticed that the short term rentals were initially allowed and then prohibited. I spoke with my Property Manager about this. She said that the ‘short term rental people’ took the corporation to court. The case was settled with the short term rentals once again being allowed. I will be meeting one of the Board members this week to learn more about the history of this issue.

  • Ovation resident says:

    A few more things to be aware of:

    1. I contacted The City of Mississauga about short term rentals, specifically the by-law enforcement office and was told that the City has no rules and regulations on short term rentals. If any issues arise as a result of short term rentals, the Board of Directors and property management company need to deal with them.

    2. If I was to rent one of the party rooms in Ovation I would be limited in the number of guests I would be able to invite. For example, I would not be able to have more than 70 guests in the large party room – one of the reasons being adherence to fire code and safety rules. And I would have to follow strict rules (i.e. provide the guest list in advance, etc.). However, if I rent a suite in Ovation for a weekend for a party, I can invite however many people I want. And the City has no restrictions in its Fire Code regarding the maximum number of people per suite. This is a huge loophole. God forbid, a fire breaks out.

  • Ovation resident says:

    3. Having said all the above, one might say: “Well you have security. They will deal with these issues.” Think again. SECURITY WILL NOT DEAL WITH ISSUES SUCH AS THESE. They don’t have authority. It’s not part of their responsibilities. If there are 30 people in a 3 bedroom suite on a weekend, they can’t go in and tell them to leave the premises. If there is a noise complaint, they will advise the residents to call the police. If people are entering the building through the side doors (by leaving carpet in the door entrance, etc.), if people are entering the lobby at 3 am on a Sunday morning saying that they’re going to a party, yet they don’t know what suite the party is at… Security can’t do anything. They will stop them for going upstairs for a few minutes, until the party guests text their buddies and obtain a suite number. After that, they’re free to go. If they break something while on the way up or if they’re hanging around in the common areas as if your building is a shopping mall, security can’t do anything.

  • Dzeva Adilovic-Burkic says:

    I always find these situation extremely upsetting. My understanding is that Hotels are for short term not residential buildings where we have children living and elderly residents. This law has to change so that proper economy has the flow and people who invest into the properties have comfort in living in a positive space!

  • abdul says:


    Some new immigrants come here particularly from middle east for short term. They apply for PR card. Since CIC takes minimum three months to issue the PR card so they stay here for 3 months. But after getting the PR they leave and come back after some times

  • John says:

    Thanks for sharing this information, it made me aware about problems with short term rentals in Mississauga and what can be done about them.

  • AirBNB Host says:

    I gues I am too late to reply here, but still i would like to leave my feedback.

    I have a house in Mississauga, which i use to host people for short term such as AirBNB.

    AirBNB is certianly a good idea for me, As i have a investment property, I host people for short period in this way i can maintain my property timely… If a guest come over to my place lives for a week, pays me rent and cleaning fee on top of it, I am satisfied, but i have defined rules that tenants will have to book a minimum of three nights, no partying, if anyone would be visiting, i should be notified… no pets allowed…

    People who want to book for gathering or partying will not book my place as they will have to book for 3 nights minimum…

    I usually rent my unit to families… i usually check their reviews.
    So AirBNB is good for me…

    I also tried renting the house to a long term tenant…. the Tenants were AAA Tenats, good credit score, director of a company had 6 figure salary, very well educated.

    but when they left my house after a year i had to Repaint the whole house, there were scratches on the hardwood so i had to replace the hardwood all over, upper floor carpets were terible… i Had to chacge all the toilets….. and had to spend $24000

    AirBNB is a good option for me as guest comes over for a week or upto a month max, it pays good and i am able to maintain my property….

    I would never rent my house to a long term tenant

  • muhammad yousaf says:

    Looking for 2 bed room apartment with 2 baths from 24th July till 7th August

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