The above is a picture of Square One taken back in 1973 of what is known today as “downtown Mississauga”! Back then, there were only two main streets – Hurontario and Burnhamthorpe and Square One’s food court were outside. Square One was also surrounded by farms all around it. Since then, much has changed; one of those being available parking spots. In this post, I will cover everything you need to know about parking spots!

Before The Mississauga “Condo Boom”

Before the start of the condo boom in the 2000s, parking spots were a dime a dozen. Many older condos came with 2 parking spots as a default, and adding another vehicle to the family was not an issue. There were fewer cars in Mississauga, thus finding an additional parking spot to rent for “cheap” was relatively easy. High rise buildings also had a healthy surplus of visitor parking spots just in case you wanted to throw that party and have guests sleep over. What is interesting is, that not only was there more free parking spots during this time, but also the parking spaces were larger in size.



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