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Mississauga Condo Real Estate Update


Condo Market Up 10% in 90 days?


Mississauga Condo Market


This may seem almost unbelievable, but it’s true. Some condos in the Square One area have sold for up to 10% more than they did just last November.

Pretty much every well advertised condo in today’s market should be going into multiple offers. As a buyer you can expect to pay up to 10% more than comparable sales last year. It’s not uncommon to see firm offers on condos, without even a condo status certificate condition!

To give you an idea of how hot the condo market is; last month, we got a listing and within 24 hours we had 43 showings and seven offers. The unit ended up selling over $60,000 more than the same unit last fall.



Only Few Options Left For Pre-construction Condos


If you are a buyer looking to get into the pre-construction market there are not many options. As of April 21st, Pinnacle Grand Park 2 ,Pinnacle Amber and Block Nine condos are  sold out of regular units (non penthouse) and Grand Mirage is about 90% sold out. (updated April 21st 2017) 

For a one bedroom condo you can expect to pay from the mid $300’s and two bedroom units start at around $475,000+.


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    • Marry Calrie says:

      Now a days, buy a condo is such a difficult thing. When I purchase, faced a lot of things. Now, I am happy that I have my own condo. Thanks!

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