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Mississauga Condo Real Estate Market Update – August 2012

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As we are well into the 3rd quarter of 2012, I felt it would be appropriate to give our readers a real estate market update for Mississauga. There is a lot of “buzz” over the internet and different media outlets portraying various real estate predictions, overwhelming the average consumer. This makes it difficult to choose a side, as everyone seems to have a different opinion on this topic.

In this blog post, I will share my interpretation of the latest Market Watch for July 2012 and what implications it may have for Mississauga condos.

GTA As A Whole – Despite what media outlets say, real estate prices in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) were actually up by 4% from July 2011. The average price is now at $476,947. The number of real estate transactions has declined by 1.5%, while the average property took 26 days to sell (the same amount of time as last year). I would argue that the 4% incline in prices is still a solid indicator that we are in a healthy real estate market.




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