Mississauga’s downtown core is very unique, to say the least. It’s composed of over 40 condos,  an array of office buildings, a few hotels, a library,  two movie theatres, various places to dine, an outdoor entertainment park and in the middle of all this, a massive 300 store shopping mall – known as Square One. All it takes is a simple drive-by Mississauga downtown to see that the two other major GTA condo markets (Downtown Toronto and North York) simply do not offer the same type of living as the one found in the downtown Mississauga.

On a more macro level, Mississauga has been recognized as one of the most ideal places to reside in the Greater Toronto Area. It’s conveniently located near various highways, which make a trip like the one to Toronto Pearson Airport a 20-minute breeze. From an economic point of view, 60 of the Fortune 500 companies base their global headquarters in Mississauga. Interestingly enough, many of those who work outside of Mississauga (such as Downtown Toronto) still choose to commute to work and live in the city they love. The city’s demographics have now reached a population of 750,000, with the biggest percentage increases found at the downtown core.



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