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Here are just some of the things people had to say about the MySquareOneCondo Team. Remember every one of these reviews is 100% genuine and authentic and we can gladly provide many references upon request.   If you want your feedback to be added to this page, please contact the MySquareOneCondo Team and we will upload it here.




We would like to thank you for selling our condo. You listened to us, which was extremely important as our primary objective was not to sell our place for the highest possible price. Rather, our primary objective was to sell as soon as possible as we had already purchased our new home and weren’t able to carry two mortgages.

Furthermore, we put our condo on sale in October so we were up against a progressively slower market. This was yet another reason why we had to sell very quickly.

You were accessible and responsive, approachable and down-to-earth so we were able to communicate with you openly. And you were results oriented – you got the job done. You sold our condo very quickly for a good price.

Thank you,

ps: I still can’t believe how we chose you as an agent. I was up late at night searching for real estate agents online. I came across your website. It was very informative so I spent some time reading the various articles you had posted. That night I wondered, if this agent spent so much time on his website, does he actually have any time to sell? The next day, during lunch I was telling my sister-in-law how I came across an agent, I loved his website but I just wasn’t sure how much selling he actually does. After listening to my dilemma, my sister-in-law tells me that an agent whose name she sees a lot is Eric Skicki. I couldn’t believe it. I told her that is the agent whose website I was reading. “

Sanela & Mirzet G. – Condo Seller



“I will highly recommend Eric as a real estate agent. I had recently contacted [MySquareOneCondo Team] to show me some pre-construction condos in Mississauga downtown. As a first time buyer, I was very nervous and confused about a lot of things. I bombarded Eric with gazillion questions, however, he was patient and provided much-needed information to make a novice person like me to understand the condo business. He answered my questions honestly, gave his professional opinion and shared many examples of his own personal experiences of purchasing a property. This made it much easier for me to proceed with buying a condo at Pinnacle Uptown. Eric has proven himself to be a reliable real estate agent who understands and cares about his clients’ needs. This whole experience has given me the confidence to recommend Eric to all my friends and colleagues and I will certainly use his services again. Many thanks to Eric I am now a happy and satisfied owner of a condo.”

Shazia A.First-time Pre-construction condo investor



“Eric Skicki is very good at what he does. It’s his unparalleled customer service and knowledge that set Eric apart from all the other realtors. Eric my Realtor for life!”

Basu R. –  real estate investor



” We highly recommend Eric as a realtor. After wasting 3 months with another realtor whose “so-called” commitment to sell in 21 days, we found Eric from an internet search and decided to meet him. He is very confident in what he is doing, very straight and a ‘get the job done’ attitude.  He sold our condo in 7 days in 1st week of January which is AMAZING. We are really very thankful to you Eric and the [MySquareOneCondo] team.

Thank you Eric”

B & P Chavda  – condo seller


“Dear Eric,

The cupcakes didn’t last long, thank you very much. I also want to thank you for your help with our drive-test, we wouldn’t have passed it without you!

I’ve never told you but we tried working with few other realtors before you but none of them met our expectations, you however exceeded them. I consider myself very lucky to have found you and I would always come back to work with you in the future. You found us a great place, got us a great deal, helped with all other stuff which wasn’t your job at all and on the top of everything you got us a great gifts.

Your friendship means a great deal to us.”

Marina & Goran New Immigrants



” Thank you for helping us with our condo investment. I would not be able to do it without you. The cupcakes were so delicious.”

Avininder B. Local condo investor



” It was a pleasure working with Eric Skicki on the sale of one of my Square One area condo listings. He is professional, efficient, courteous and a delight to work with. It is apparent that he takes great pride in his career as a Realtor and the fact that he extends this demeanour to his colleagues in the business speaks volumes. I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the near future and wish much success in his Real Estate career. If you’re his client, you won’t be disappointed !”

Tanya C.Sutton Group-  Sales Person



” Hi Eric, thanks for taking care of Jennifer. She is quite excited – even though she is floating around wondering what happened – was quite an experience. I feel she of course with your help did well. “

Richard & Jennifer K. First-time home buyer



” Eric Skicki recently acted for me as my real estate agent in the successful purchase of my property at Trivisio II, Toronto. I can highly recommend Eric as a real estate agent; he was thoroughly professional and took complete control of the whole process.  Mine was a difficult case but Eric went way out in looking after me by providing me a VIP real estate package, arranging a competent solicitor and even a mortgage agent. He responded to every anxiety and query with empathy, while at the same time being direct and giving his honest opinion. I found the entire experience to be professional, courteous, respectful and entirely hassle-free. To me, Eric is easy to deal with and serious about achieving the best result he can. He really understands his clients well, all I had to do was sit back and say: Thank you for the good advice – it was invaluable. I have recommended Eric to a number of my friends and colleagues and I shall definitely enrol his services again.”

Maneer K.International condo investor



 “We had found the perfect condo which was listed on [the MySquareOneCondo Team] website. After viewing the apartment and meeting with Eric, we felt very comfortable proceeding with the purchase, as a result of Eric’s sincere and straightforward answers to our queries. In addition, his non-hurried and non-pressurizing attitude, commitment to his clients with continued follow-up, and professionalism makes dealing with him ever more so pleasant. He has a strong grasp of the market dynamics, is very familiar with the local market inventory for comparability, and only provides factual information to the best of his knowledge as opposed to a sales pitch to sell the unit. We will be happy to work with him again for other acquisitions in the future.”

Mohammad & Olga  – First-time home buyer



” Eric just helped us in buying a condo in 50-60 Absolute towers (known as Marilyn Monroe condos).   His services were exemplary and commendable. The most credible thing is that the transition was easy and smooth without us being in town most of the time.  The whole process from locating the right place to the closing of the deal was done in a very professional and a timely manner. We truly appreciate all the hard work he has put in to help us purchase our property which we are so happy with.  We would highly recommend Eric Skicki as a real estate broker and if need arises any time in future, we would definitely use his services again. “

William & AlbinaInternational buyer



” Hello, Eric!

Let’s see – some feedback about you as my Realtor – awesome experience!
This was my first-time condo shopping and you made the experience so easy for me and my husband!
You explained everything to us in terms we could understand – and you are very straightforward- which we loved!
You took the time to know about our financial situation and recommended what move is best for us to do.
The process was a very smooth one – thanks to you!
Any time (day or night) if I had some questions or concerns, you were always available! And always so prompt with calling us back!
I would ( and have) definitely recommend you to future condo shoppers!

I like how you didn’t hide anything – you gave us scenarios ( for example, that the closing date might be delayed, closings costs, etc), and you weren’t pushy!
There is nothing more annoying than a pushy salesman!
Your easy-going, honest personality made us comfortable, and we knew we could trust you!

Thanks for making this condo buying experience a great one! “

Diana & Sunny T. – First-time Pre-construction condo buyer



“Two thumbs way up!

Having more than average knowledge of the real estate industry “overall”; I needed someone with expertise in a niche market. After some preliminary research I decided to invest in the Mississauga “pre-con” condo market (a little late, I know!). With [MySquareOneCondo Team]’s help, we narrowed in on a unit. To my surprise, he then help me crunch numbers, comparables etc. to speculate on profitability, if any!

Looking forward to building a very fruitful business relationship.

Owen B. – Pre-construction real estate investor



“I would like to thank you very much for every single thing you did. You dedication and hard work of you and your team has paid off, you were unfailingly resourceful and patient and diligent and thorough! You are what kept this deal together and made it go through. I’m certain you made some behind the scenes efforts that I did not see and I thank you for those as well.   Great job Eric & MySquareOneCondo Team & God Bless”

Emil K. – Condo Seller



“Eric Skicki of Kingsway Real Estate Brokerage provided us the professionalism and customer care that we expected.  Eric was always available to take our calls and inquiries, whether it was during business hours, holidays or weekends.  Eric efforts made our search and eventual purchase go very smoothly.  We found him to be honest and trustworthy and will keep him in mind for future purchases.”

T. & I.  – Condo buyer



“Dear Eric:

This email is to thank you for the manner in which you helped my mother buy a condo apartment in the Square One area. We assessed several realtors on the Web, approaching a few we felt might be responsive. Thereafter, you were selected because you were the most effective in terms of clarity of response, regular feedback and updates, and most importantly by that stage, in seriously seeking to meet my mother’s particular needs in a condo.

In our experience, many realtors try to push clients towards their own particular priorities for whatever reason, rather than understanding and fulfilling the particular needs of a client. Your advice and suggestions regarding various buildings were not only appreciated, but it helped us to narrow the shortlist and eventually focus on the condo we selected. Living overseas, it made the task of helping my mother in Mississauga buy a condo, that much simpler!

Thank you also for the help and assistance post-purchase and completion, that facilitated my mother’s transition and move into the apartment.


Thanks again and best wishes.”

ReneeInternational Condo Buyer



 “Buying the apartment with Eric was really fantastic. I contacted him on Monday. He understood exactly my needs and on Wednesday I signed with the seller. The rest was waiting for the closing. In two months I had the keys in my hands. Thanks, Eric”

Noelie S. – International Condo Buyer



“Eric made the difficult process of finding a home in a short period of time easy and worry-free. He listened to exactly what I needed and responded with speed and accuracy. He didn’t waste my time showing me units that did not match my specific requirements. He was able to find me the condo of my dreams quickly and easily in an honest, no-nonsense fashion.

Eric lives and breathes real estate in the Square One area. Because of this specialization, Eric is aware of nuances and inside information other agents do not have access to. I firmly believe this eliminated any unexpected post-purchase pitfalls.

In addition to his expertise and knowledge, Eric made me feel like I was his most important client and I would recommend his services to anyone.

Thank you Eric for making my Square One purchase seamless and satisfying. “

Amy M. – Condo Buyer


“We contacted Eric after finding his website about condos in the Square One area, which is an amazing resource of exactly the kind of information we had been hoping to gather before starting our search for a condo.  Since we have never owned or lived in a condo before, now that we were looking at buying one as an investment, we wanted to be sure we knew everything necessary.  Eric’s website saved us many hours of research time.  So we contacted Eric and explained a little bit what we were looking for.  He made himself available immediately and took us around 3 condos the very next day.  Based on our comments that day, he set up more showings the following weekend, and every single one was exactly the kind of place we were looking for.  Clearly, Eric is really good at understanding what the buyer wants and matching that to units available.  We bought the first condo we viewed that second weekend.  Even after closing, he has continued to be incredibly helpful, with information and advice on renting the unit.  A huge thank you to Eric for making this experience so hassle-free.”

Lynne & DwayneCondo Investor



“Eric is a great realtor to work with. He was patient in first determining my needs and then showing me homes that were based on the criteria I provided. He also took the time to show me not only quality properties but also many other types of properties to help me understand the marketplace. It was great having him in my corner at the offer stage. I would highly recommend using Eric to represent you if you are looking for a condo in the Square One area.”

Gerry – Condo Buyer



For the last year or so, we have considered buying a condo in Mississauga. We initially checked out the monthly condo ads to get a feel for the condo market and the various Mississauga areas. We eventually focused our search in the Square One area. Once we had figured out our budget, we visited some of the showrooms for pre-construction units. Realizing the lengthy delays of pre-construction units and the limited selection in buildings nearing completion, we turned ourselves to the resale market.

We performed internet searches to find units for sale in a few of the buildings we were interested in. This search eventually led us to [MySquareOneCondo Team’s] website which we found to be a great source of information. We also liked his website since it provided this information in an easy to read format; other sites often flood us with information and it becomes overwhelming and confusing. The blog section of the website is also a great source of information which shows how committed Eric is to his clients.

During our first visit to the website, we identified a unit that was of interest to us and decided to contact Eric to arrange for a viewing. Unfortunately, the unit had just been sold, but our first contact with Eric was made. Eric gathered a list of our requirements and budget and offered to take us to a few units covering a wide range of years of construction. He intended to show us what the Square One area condos could offer to confirm our likes and dislikes and our real requirements. During this first visit, Eric took us to see 4 units, 2 of which we found to our liking. We then spent a couple of weeks to further identify potential units that we found through [MySquareOneCondo Team’s] website, but also others. Following this effort, we identified 3 more units that we wanted to visit. We made the arrangements with Eric and a couple of days later we had our second round of visits. This second round was an eye-opener. The 3 units we had picked out by ourselves were quite disappointing. We realized that experience and knowledge could not be mastered over a few nights looking at websites of condo advertising. Following the second round of visits, we had a pow-wow with Eric and provided him feedback about the units we had visited thus far. In the week that followed, he proceeded to identify 2 new units that met our requirements. We visited the 2 units and were convinced. We eventually purchased one of the units; Eric was instrumental in the negotiation, he had a good read of the sellers’ motivation.

When we write these lines, we have occupied our condo for about 4 months and we are very pleased with the unit and the building. We still consult Eric’s website for his blogs. We find them interesting and value his opinion and views, especially when he talks trends as we anticipate a few upgrades in the near future.”

Monica & Pierre First Time Home Buyers



” Eric,

We are grateful for all your efforts and input and were impressed by your professionalism.  I think I can speak for both Dana and I when I say we would most definitely recommend you to anyone who was looking for a home. Thanks again and we look forward to having you over for a BBQ soon.”

Sean & Dana – Home Buyer



I was fortunate to meet and to work with Eric regarding my first real estate investment.

The experience of working with Eric was very beneficial and convenient for me. Eric consistently conducted himself professionally and with a sense of urgency, as I regularly had time constraints. Eric is seasoned and very knowledgeable about his profession and industry.

I highly recommend Eric to potential people requiring his services.

If you wish to speak with me about Eric, please request my telephone number from Eric, as I would be delighted to speak with you.

Mike  Real Estate Investor



” I recently bought a condo in the Square One area. Eric was of great help through the process. I was short of time and was not very informed about the process. Eric made my life easier by sharing his expert opinion while not being pushy or rushed. I would recommend Eric as he is courteous, professional and an expert in his field .”

Shabna C.Condo Buyer



“As first-time home buyers, we were not sure what to expect, or if we would even find the perfect little dwelling. Eric Skicki made the process both simple and exciting. He was very knowledgeable and shared several small insights with us. Not only this, but he also helped us find our perfect first starter home despite us being just a little picky. His availability, professionalism, and ability to work with our schedule and needs made the process of buying a home go through effortlessly. Overall, Eric has a grade A personality and is a great Real Estate Sales Representative, and we would recommend him to other home buyers.

Sanel and Alisa K.  – First Time Home Buyers


” From the first day I went on showings with Eric, I could tell by the units that he picked for me that he really understood what I was looking for in a condo. He was efficient with email responses, consistent with condo choices and constantly professional. As a first time home buyer this process appeared very daunting however I was pleasantly surprised to find a realtor who broke down this process for me and made it much more enjoyable! Eric listened to my requests and was able to take that and find condos to match, and he accomplished this all in a very short time span. Having found the place for me, I definitely owe it to the expertise of Eric, who I will gladly recommend to friends and family! “

Katherine P. – First Time Condo Buyer


“I had the pleasure of working with Eric Skicki regarding my condo at square one.  He is a very pleasant and professional person who knows how to get the job done. I would highly recommend him and will always use his services in the future.”

Khemraj J.Landlord



We are extremely satisfied with the service you provided in selling the condominium property we listed with you at The Esprit, on Eglinton Avenue in Mississauga.

Our goal was to secure an accurate assessment of the property’s market value, so we could decide how to correctly price the listing in the current market.   Subsequently, we requested your advice and comments as to what improvements might be might to add value. This advice was invaluable for the presentation of a quality property.

After receiving your honest, “no-nonsense” approach we realized the value.  This was the primary reason for listing with you. Your service did not stop there.  You went the extra mile and worked with diligence and loyalty to secure a very satisfactory price that was higher than we expected.”

P. –  Condo Seller


“Eric sold our square one condo in two weeks at Christmas and new year time at the extreme cold weather and many storm condition which I do consider it a miracle.

I just picked Eric’s name from the internet as a square one condo Realtor, I didn’t know him from before but after our first meeting, the answer was yes he is the one who will be in charge for selling our condo. He is straight, confident, less talkative and more productive. He is very calm, friendly and together with his team carry all the weight from the seller’s shoulder. I would always choose Eric and his team, they really made our life so easy.”

Safaa S.  – Condo Seller



I was impressed during my initial meeting with Eric when he presented a clear-cut plan on how to sell my condo. He is incredibly knowledgeable on the Mississauga condo market and intuned with the current market conditions. Soon after signing the listing agreement, he seamlessly handled the staging of my unit (at no cost to me), ensuring the furnishings made my empty unit feel like a home. I was always aware of how the property showings went and any of my questions were responded to promptly. Eric has a strong work-ethic and genuinely looked out for my best interests. As such, I did not hesitate to list another property with Eric when the time came. Without a doubt, Eric Skicki is the best agent I’ve ever worked with!

Sangeetha G  Condo Seller