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What to look for in a Mississauga condo layout?

Good vs bad condo layout


I often get the following questions asked by buyers looking for Mississauga Condos. What is the best condo layout? What is the worst condo layout? What should I look out for in a condo layout? I always like to say that it all depends on personal preference and style. However, some points are good to keep in mind.


1. Well managed layout – Space is not wasted. Example – too many hallways. Location of the washer/dryer should not be inside a bedroom.


2. Walls – Ideally two bedrooms should not share a common wall between them. It is much nicer to have one bedroom on one side and the other bedroom across from it.


3. Amount of lighting – Having a window in the Master bedroom for more lighting is a must. However, sliding doors where light comes through should be avoided. It is also essential to have lighting or extra lighting in walk-in-closets.


4. Kitchens – Open kitchen concepts have become very popular over the last few years. It makes the entire space look bigger and you are not shut off from view.


5. Spacing – Wide units appear to be more spacious and look great compared to long and narrow units, where you might feel like you live in a corridor.


6. Den – Even if you are single, keep in mind that a den could be transformable into space that you might actually be missing in a one bedroom unit. You could use it as an office space, a home gym, and recreation room, Man Cave, wine vault or even a big walk in closet.


7. Carpet vs. hardwood – Know what you want carpet or hardwood floors, keeping in mind both the advantages and disadvantages of both.


8. CeilingsHigh ceilings make the unit look larger


9. Master bedroom – Most buyers agree that a large Master bedroom suite is a must within a unit. One should be able to have enough space for a desk, reading chairs, exercise equipment, a dresser or even a makeup counter and chair.


10. Staged units – If there is already furniture inside the unit, you get a better idea of how much space is in the unit, and a much better impression how that space can be potentially used. However, you should still measure your own furniture to make sure that it fits into the new unit. Not all sofas or dressers are the same size.


11. Unit locations – Units that are away from elevator shafts avoid noise and units with unobstructed views disappear from the market fast. Also with Mississauga condos, as with other condos, the higher up you go the higher the selling price.


12. Bathrooms – A bathroom that has both a shower and a bathtub is a better option in terms of resale value. If you have an option for only bathtub or shower – bathtub is the better choice.


13. Double sinks – These add a touch of luxury and convenience.


14. Balconies – The bigger the better. Corner units often have plus size balconies.


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    • Terry M. says:

      Great tips for anyone who is new to real estate. I really like the idea of two bedrooms not sharing a common wall.

    • Ana A. says:

      I also think it is very important to have good lighting in the kitchen. If the kitchen is near a window then even better.

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