Good vs bad condo layout


I often get the following questions asked by buyers looking for Mississauga Condos. What is the best condo layout? What is the worst condo layout? What should I look out for in a condo layout? I always like to say that it all depends on personal preference and style. However, some points are good to keep in mind.

1. Well managed layout – Space is not wasted. Example – too many hallways. Location of the washer/dryer should not be inside a bedroom.


2. Walls – Ideally two bedrooms should not share a common wall between them. It is much nicer to have one bedroom on one side and the other bedroom across from it.


3. Amount of lighting – Having a window in the Master bedroom for more lighting is a must. However, sliding doors where the light comes through should be avoided. It is also essential to have lighting or extra lighting in walk-in-closets.


4. Kitchens – Open kitchen concepts have become very popular over the last few years. It makes the entire space look bigger and you are not shut off from view.




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      • Terry M. says:

        Great tips for anyone who is new to real estate. I really like the idea of two bedrooms not sharing a common wall.

      • Ana A. says:

        I also think it is very important to have good lighting in the kitchen. If the kitchen is near a window then even better.

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