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The truth is there are practically no reasons why any person should buy a condo without a realtor on their side. A good realtor has access to historical sales data, can aid with the paperwork/negotiations and best of all – do it free of charge. The problem lies in finding the right realtor for the job. Here are some of the reasons why you should have me represent you when buying a Condo in Mississauga:





You wouldn’t consult with a divorce lawyer about your accident benefits, so why would you consider hiring a real estate agent who has none or limited knowledge about Square One condos, when buying your next Square One condo? It only makes sense to have the right person for the right job. I specialize in Square One condos and have done plenty of research with regard to Mississauga downtown condos (known as the W15 zone). For my clients, I can provide advice on topics such as: which builders to be wary of, what to look for in an older condominium and how to get a bargain for your money.





Often imitated yet never duplicated. There are plenty of decent Square One condo websites out there. However, my website – MySquareOneCondo – manages to stay ahead by providing up-to-date condominium information, having a blog which updates weekly, and by equipping buyers with the resources required to make an informed decision about their next condo purchase. For many condo shoppers, this website is the first and last stop they will need to make when purchasing their dream condo. My comprehensive list of the various condos around Mississauga’s downtown core should be the first stop for anyone seeking to buy a Square One condo. From here you can also see which condos are offered for sale at any given time.





 Have you ever seen a condo you liked which just came out on the market and you called the first day only to be told it is sold? This is because a good portion of condos, especially ones which are well priced, sell before they are even placed on MLS or I have access this is hidden inventory and can set up my clients on an automatic email list which notify them every time a condo with specific criteria is about to appear on the market.





This privilege allows the general public to use an agent to access exclusive preconstruction condo sale events (during the pre-construction period). Often these events are by invitation only, and I, Eric Skicki, along with Cloud Realty Brokerage, can provide access to such sales events.






Back in the seventies, the one page home purchase deposit sheet was seen as the norm. Today’s purchase agreements are ten pages or more in length and include various clauses and terms which can be difficult to understand. One small mistake or omission can end up costing you thousands. Why would you risk it when my buying services to you are offered for free?





The services which I provide for my buying clients are and always will be free. With new condo projects, the builder pays agent commission and the resale condos commission is paid to the buyer’s agent by the selling party.




One of the biggest complaints I hear about realtors is that they are not attentive to their customers’ specific needs. Real estate is my full time career and I treat every one of my customers as if they were my only customer. I provide you with the answers to all of your questions and concerns in a timely matter.





For buyers this means that I am going to show you as many properties as it takes to find the right one. I will not pressure you into making an offer on anything you do not want.





If a situation ever arises where you are unsatisfied with me or my services, let me know. If I can’t fix the problem you may cancel our agreement at no cost. No hassles, no penalty, nothing to lose!

Give me a call, and let me show you why my system works.

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