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Market Statistics

    Will the condo market crash in 2017?
    Tuesday, September 6th, 2016
  • Since the beginning of 2016, we have seen a few new price records being broken in the Square One area. We have seen one bedroom plus den condos cross over $300k, while some two bedrooms are creeping above the $400k mark. While many condo owners are satisfied to see their homes go up in value, the rising prices do raise concerns over a “real estate market bubble“.

    In this blog post I will outline some of the key factors which continue to propel the market forward, and why I believe a real estate market crash is less likely to happen than many people tend to believe.

    That said; the market can not rise at this pace forever. There will be a tipping point, at which I believe the prices will stabilize for some period of time.

    In order for prices to stop going up, one of three things need to happen:



    Scenario 1: Condo prices get too expensive and potential buyers cannot keep up with the mortgage payments.

    My opinion: If prices get too expensive, those people wishing to buy; will have to rent. After all, people still need to live somewhere.

    In Mississauga, about 40% of condos are owned by investors and rented out to tenants. Regardless what happens with the real estate market, tenants will continue to pay the monthly rent which in turn pays the landlord’s mortgage. The chance of mortgage payment default is slim.

    Historically speaking rent prices have almost never gone down. This will ensure that condominium prices in Mississauga will hold, regardless if buyers can afford to purchase the condos or not.


    Interest rates

    Scenario 2: Interest rates go up and potential buyers cannot keep up with the mortgage payments.

    My opinion:  With interest rates at all time record lows (currently around 2.6% for a 5 year fixed rate), some skeptics say that the rates will go up much higher in the near future.

    Although they are correct to say that the interest rates will go up, no one knows for certain when this will happen. As it stands, the Bank of Canada has no intention of increasing the interest rates. The Canadian economy is still seen as fragile and all the instabilities around the world do not help.

    Any rise in the interest rates will be gradual and spread over a longer period of time.


    Too many Condos

    Scenario 3:   Too many condos built and there will be an oversupply of condos.

    My opinion: Over 200,000 people immigrate to Canada ever single year and more than half settle in the Greater Toronto Area. Mississauga is still seen as “affordable” compared to other major cities.

    To put into perspective, new condos in Mississauga sell for about $450 per square foot, whereas Toronto and North York condos go for over $650 per square foot (and they charge extra for parking).

    In a typical market crash, the most expensive real estate suffers first and the most.

    Mississauga Condo prices are not based on speculation, but rather on people who actually live and work in the area. Most new condos are sold out before they are even completed.



    What should I buy?

    With pre-construction condos and resale condos being priced almost the same, there has never been a better time to purchase a new condo in Mississauga.

    By putting down a 10% deposit, you can secure a condo unit and will not have to pay anything until occupancy.

    Over the past year we have seen a sharp incline in request from people in Europe and Asia who purchased units here in Mississauga.

    If you are thinking of buying a new condo, I can help. Give me a call and we can chat.

    Remember that there are no fees to me, as the builder is always responsible for paying realtor commissions. Looking to hear from you.

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    • Breaking New Records In Square One
      Thursday, April 14th, 2016
    • missisauga-market

      The first quarter has been a great start to the 2016 real estate market. With home prices once again at all-time highs, buyers found themselves scrambling in multiple offers trying to find the perfect home. Typically this only occurred with freeholds (houses, semi-detached and townhouses), but for the first time this year, we saw this phenomenon carry out into the condo market.

      The following trends are now happening in downtown Mississauga.


      More Sales / Low Inventory

      The number of condo sales in City Centre in 2016 is up by 30% over the same time period last year.

      This spike is mainly the result from a few new condo projects that were completed since 2015. This includes Pinnacle Uptown’s Crystal condos and Mirage.

      We expect to have even more inventory later on this year as we get ready for the completion of PSV 1 and PSV2.

      At the same time, we are seeing less amount of listings available for sale. Buildings which are known to have 15-18 listings on average are now averaging around 10 listings for sale.


      Average Price Is Up

      With overall prices in downtown Mississauga going up by around 4% year over year, we have seen the strongest movement from one bedroom / one+den condos.

      To put this into perspective, in the first quarter of 2015 we have only seen 9 sales of one bedroom condos over the $300,000 price point. In the first quarter this year, we have seen this number jump to 23.

      However, not all condos went up in price. Units which are not in great shape and need some TLC have a hard time selling even in this hot market. This is why we always recommend freshening up a unit which needs work, before putting it up for sale!


      Firm Offers On Condos

      We all heard of properties in Toronto receiving many offers and selling over asking price within a few days.  Well, now similar trends are appearing on some Mississauga Condos.

      In the last week alone we received two firm offers (with no condo status certificate condition) on some of our listings. This is unheard of by many professionals who have been licensed for years!


      Positive Cash Flow

      Some of our investor clients, who purchased condos a few years back, are now seeing positive cash flow. How is this possible? Rising rent prices and ultra-low interests rates.

      We have seen, condos which have been purchased for $230,000-250,000 a few years back to be worth anywhere in the $270,000-300,000 range. Rent prices for some units have gone from $1300 a month to $1650+ a month.


      What Does All This Mean?

      Buyers – Being pre-approved for a mortgage is more important than ever! Understanding exactly what you can qualify for and how much your monthly carrying costs will be, will help you secure the unit of your choice.

      Be sure to work with our Square One condo buying team, as we can ensure you end up getting a good deal on a condo!

      Sellers- If you were waiting for the perfect market conditions, the time is now. Are you thinking of cashing in your investment? Or perhaps upgrading to a larger property?  This year our team has already helped over 25 people buy or sell condos.

      If you are thinking of buying or selling a condo we are ready to help!

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      • 8 Things to Know About Mississauga Condos in 2016
        Thursday, January 21st, 2016
      • mississauga-2016-8thingstoknow


        Prices Are Going Up

        As we welcome 2016, it’s no surprise that condo prices in Mississauga continue to increase at around 3% per year. The major drivers of this force are freehold homes, which have increased in some places by nearly 60% in the past decade. Condos have become the norm for all first-time home buyers and investors.

        Investors continue to enjoy the low 1.2% rental vacancy rates that Mississauga has to offer.

        First time-buyers might be surprised to see certain buildings such as City Gate, list one bedroom + dens for around $300k and sell. Similar units 2-3 years ago were selling in the $270’s range.


        Local Buyers Compete Against International Buyers

        One of the key factors driving Mississauga Condo prices up; are international buyers. Although the exact number of foreign and oversea ownership is not available for public, experts estimate this number to be as high as 15-20%. With the falling Canadian dollar (around $0.68 at the time of writing this article), Mississauga real estate looks like a “good buy” for many people abroad.

        This makes it hard for some first time home buyers to break into the market.  It’s not uncommon for nice re-sale condo units to still attract multiple offers.


        Pre-construction Condos have Inventory

        If you are looking to get a brand new unit and you wish to take possession within one and a half years maximum, a few builders are offering interesting incentives which only require up to 5% total down-payment.

        The standard down-payment with any pre-construction condominium is usually 20%. With this type of aggressive down-payment structure, I still encourage buyers to have a minimal of 10% down. We will release a blog shortly highlighting these projects but in the mean time please feel free to contact us.

        P.S. Investor clients still need a minimal of 20% down regardless.


        Do not buy Units with no Parking Spots

        In order to keep prices lower for entry level condo units, some condo builders in Mississauga have decided not to include parking spots. This move reduces the overall purchase price of any unit by around $25k.

        My strong recommendation to anyone considering to purchase such a unit is NOT to do it. 

        Even though the savings might seem nice for any buyer not planning to have a car, the re-sale value of the condo eventually suffers. Mississauga is not yet recognized as a super accessible by public transportation city. Unlike cities such as Toronto or even more so Manhattan, where most people living in these metropolitans rely on public transportation.

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        • The Falling Canadian Dollar Brings International Condo Buyers
          Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

          Exactly 33 months ago the Canadian dollar was at par; even a little higher than the American counterpart. Cross boarder shopping was cheap and Canadians took advantage by buying anything from clothing to cars, and even properties down south.

          Since then, the Canadian dollar went down by roughly 25%. What does that mean for us here in Canada hoping to buy real estate?

          Firstly, buying any property outside of Canada automatically costs 25% more than two and half years ago. Those earning income in Canadian dollars prefer to keep their money in Canada as the conversion rate is too high if they were to invest in the United States.

          For the majority of us who work and live in Canada this has little effect on our real estate prices.

          The low Canadian dollar is however bringing many oversea investors, who are taking advantage of this low rate. Over the past month we have had several clients from Dubai, the Middle East and the United States contact us in order to purchase pre-construction condos.

          Putting down $50-60,000 as a deposit allows investors to secure real estate in Canada, and not worry about any payments until its ready. This process, depending on the project, can take anywhere from 2-4 years.

          During the pre-construction condo waiting period, many of the investors who purchased a pre-construction condo will closely monitor the Canadian dollar. When the time is right, they hope to covert the currency. A $300,000US investment easily converts to enough Canadian dollars to purchase a two bedroom pre-construction condo in Mississauga. Two years ago it would have cost closer to $350,000 to make the same purchase.

          Thinking of buying a new built condo in Canada? Read this article first, and give us a call!

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          • What To Expect In 2015 for the Mississauga Condo Market
            Saturday, January 3rd, 2015
          • condo-market-2015-mississauga

            It always seems especially at the beginning of any given year people are curious to know how the real estate market has done in the previous year, and what experts are predicting will happen in the future. Over the years I have published many blogs, giving my insight on this topic.


            How did the Mississauga Condo Market do in 2014?

            No condo market crash.

            Many of the media and newspapers who were calling for a major condo market price correction are puzzeled and don’t understand why the condo prices have not fallen. 3 reasons – a) Low interest rates (Under 3% for a 5 year locked period) b) Strong immigration population (nearly 100,000 new immigrants come to the Greater Toronto Area every year) and c) Detached Homes are unaffordable for many (average price in November 2014 for a detached house in Mississauga was $672,000 and in Toronto it was a whopping $935,000!)


            Pre-construction condo sales have slowed down.

            No condo builders have launched any new projects in 2014 in downtown Mississauga. This trend was prevalent not only in Mississauga, but the rest of the GTA. Since many investors only buy pre-built condominiums in the first stages before the construction starts, most of the pre-construction sales this year consisted of end users. This group included first time home buyers, downsizers and people moving from abroad.


            Rent Prices Went Up.

            Many tenants were in for a nasty surprise when they found out how much prices have gone up. To put this into perspective, 3 years ago it was possible to get a newer one bedroom + den condo, near Square One for $1300. This year you were lucky to get the same unit for $1450. That’s like a 4% increase a year!


            How will the Mississauga Condo Market do in 2015?

            New condo projects.

            Amacon (builders of PSV and Residence) are set to release a new condo project this spring in the Park Side Village area near Square One. Pinnacle (Builders of Grand Park and Pinnacle Uptown)are also aiming to release a new block in the Pinnacle Uptown community of condos.  These projects have been anticipated by investors given the success of their previous towers. As always we will have Platinum access to both projects and we are encouraging people to start registering even now.


            Non-renovated units might be a hard sell.

            Buyer expectations are up. Stainless steel and laminate floors are perceived to be the standard by many condo shoppers in 2015. If you are thinking of selling your condo, and your unit is more than 6 years old, my guess is that it needs a face lift. Contact us and we will be able to advise you on what specific things need to be addressed before we put it up for sale.


            Good units will increase in value and bad units will not.

            Buyers are surprised to find out how much prices can vary for similar units from building to building. Over the years certain condo buildings have increased in value more than others. Many dynamics come into play when deciding that value, such as: reputation of the condo building (which I believe is most important), number of renters vs owners in the building, the quality of the property management, the building materials etc. (We will cover more on this in a future blog post – stay tuned.)


            My recommendations:

            If you are renting and can afford to buy – do it. Rent prices in 2014 have broken new records and are expected still to increase in 2015. Stop paying your landlord’s mortgage!

            When looking at properties for sale, make sure to work with a condo expert. The condo Realtor will be able to source you the best possible units, and do it free of charge (as he gets paid by the seller).

            Finally when selling a condo in 2015, you should really know that marketing matters. With over 450+ condo units for sale around Square One at any given time, it is important to make sure that your condo stands out from the rest.

            Wishing all readers nothing but the best for 2015!

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            • How Mississauga Condo Prices Compare On A Global Level
              Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014
            • It’s no secret that real estate prices in Canada. have been going up for a decade strong now. Unlike our U.S. counterparts, the Canadian real estate prices seemed almost immune to the 2008 global recession. Some places have gone up so much that for many people buying real estate is no longer an option.

              Are you interested to know how Mississauga real estate competes on a global level in terms for pricing?

              The first thing you must know is that the value of condos is calculated on a “per square foot” or “PSF” basis. The higher the PSF, the more expensive the unit will be.  Most PSF calculations measure the internal square foot size of the unit only (no balcony), and may or may not take into account a locker or parking spot.

              To put this into perspective, pre-construction condos in Mississauga sell on average for about $425 (+$25/-$25) per square foot. This means, that a 625 square foot, one bedroom condo goes for about $265,000. This usually includes a locker and a parking spot, but does not take into account such things as floor premiums or upgrades, which can drive the price of the unit up.

              Let’s see how the $425+ per square foot price in Mississauga compares to different condo prices around the world.




              Toronto – $600+ PSF – Toronto is the closest mega city to Mississauga, and Canada’s largest municipality.  Condos in Toronto sell for about 30% more than they do in Mississauga. Toronto is the second largest city with skyscrapers in North America, after New York City. Also most calculations for PSF in Toronto do not take into account parking spots and lockers.



              New York

              New York – $1,500+ PSF – The beautiful skyline of Manhattan in New York has one of the most expensive real estate markets in the US. With traffic 15 hours a day, lots of condos sell with no parking spots as people resort to taking the subway or taxi everywhere.



              Hong Kong – $1,500+ PSF Hong Kong is much crowed and home to some of the smallest real estate properties in the world. Tiny condos, that are sometimes less than 250 square feet in total size sell for big $$$.




              London – $2,500+ PSF In London condo apartments are known as “flats” and are the most expensive in the world. A downtown London condo which is only 500 square feet can sell for as much as 1.2 Million Canadian dollars! Think Mississauga real estate is expensive? Think again! 


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              • Low 2.99% 5 year Fixed Mortgage Rates Are Back!
                Sunday, April 27th, 2014
              • If you have been on the fence about buying a condo in Mississauga for the last little while, this might compel you to purchase a condo. Last week the Bank of Montreal brought back their 2.99% 5 year fixed mortgage rate. Originally, this same rate was offered last year and it only lasted about three months. Afterwards, the 5 year fixed rate slowly creeped up to about 3.5%.

                What does this mean for the average consumer looking to buy a condo in Mississauga? For someone looking to buy a $300,000 condo with a 10% ($30,000) downpayment, the difference between getting a rate of 2.99% over 3.5%, could mean saving around $70 a month. Now that may not seem like a lot, but over a 5 year term, those savings would add up to $4,200.

                What is good to know, is that you DO NOT have to necessarily go through BMO in order to take advantage of this promotion. Some of our clients recently got similar offers with TD and CIBC.

                If you are considering buying a property in the near future, I would recommend contacting us in order to “lock-in” this special rate of 2.99%. Once pre-approved our clients can hold this rate for about 3 months.

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                • 4 Changes Happening Now In The Mississauga Condo Market
                  Sunday, March 16th, 2014
                • Downtown Mississauga

                  No New Condo Projects Being Launched 

                  In 2012/2013,  there were 5 condo projects in downtown Mississauga which were launched; PSV 1 and PSV 2, Pinnacle Uptown 1 and 2 and Pinnacle Grand Park. Since the market has been healthy and steadily going up, builders are watching the market in order to see how the market will unfold for the rest of the year, and therefore, no new launches have been planned for this year in the Square One Area. However, the five projects mentioned above still have some inventory left over. For those projects with fast approaching occupancy dates, there are currently some great deals and promotions being offered to us. We have a close partnership with PSV and Pinnacle and would love to offer our clients all the perks of condo ownership, along with great offers.

                  Pro tip for buyers – If you are still looking to purchase a PSV or Pinnacle condo, now is your chance to get great deals and promotions through us. Contact us for more info!


                  Rent Prices Are Rising

                  Over the last two years, rent prices have steadily gone up. Two years ago it was possible to find a one bedroom condo in the City Centre Area for $1250/month, and a two bedroom condo would typically start at $1500/month. This year, a one bedroom will go for $1300/month, while a two bedroom would start at $1600/month. There is also a huge increase in demand for 2 bedroom condo units. They are very popular, yet inventory has been very low. It is not surprising that 2 bedrooms, especially units that are well maintained, nicely painted and competitively priced will lease out within 5 days of being on the market. 1 + den condos are also very sought after, especially if the den is a larger space, or if it comes with a door and can be used as a second bedroom. Since inventory has been low and demand has been high, it is not uncommon for landlords to raise rent on tenants and it comes as no surprise that rent will only keep increasing.


                  Less Inventory For Sale

                  On average, Mississauga condos still sell for roughly 98-99% of asking price, and the average days that a condo sits on the market hovers around 32. It is common for nice, well maintained units to sell within a week of hitting the market. The ones that end up sitting on the market for awhile are usually overpriced, and/or not so visually appealing. Some of our buyers lucked out this year, as they were introduced to nice properties before they even had a chance to hit the market.

                  Pro tip for buyers – if you want to have access to units before they hit the market, then make sure to work with us, since we have this option!


                  Buyer Expectations Are Up 

                  In 2014, the average condo buyer is a lot more educated, as compared to a buyer a decade ago in 2004. The internet has contributed a lot to this fact. Buyers will check reviews online, before they settle on a building. Buyers also like to read what each condo has to offer. Years ago, buyers moved to be closer to the job, to schools, to grandparents, or to be in good areas. Although, a good location is important, buyers looking to invest in downtown Mississauga already have that advantage. Many of them will spend the extra 10 minutes to drive to work, as long as they find a condo which suits their lifestyle and their needs. The 2014 condo shopper is looking to invest in a lifestyle, and what that lifestyle has to offer. Some features on their list of must haves are:

                  – security

                  – visitor parking

                  – gym

                  – party room

                  – pool


                  Buyers also have high expectations for what is being offered inside the unit. Most buyers want units that have stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, hardwood throughout, floor to ceiling windows and a nice view.

                  Pro tip for sellers  – Having a non-painted or non staged unit in this busy market really puts your unit at a disadvantage. If you want to ensure that your unit really sticks out from the rest, get in touch with us and we can get your condo sold! We offer great marketing and free staging!

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                  • Mississauga Real Estate: Looking Back At 2012 & Predictions For 2013
                    Sunday, December 30th, 2012
                  • 2012 vs 2013 real estate

                    Comparing 2012 to 2011

                    Over the past two weeks I have been contacted at least six times by clients asking me about the condition and stability of the Mississauga condo real estate market. Keeping that in mind, and given the time of the year, I felt it would be appropriate to give my readers another focused market watch update. Although the official sales data from TREB will not be out until mid to late January, I can already use the tools at my disposal, and come up with some real estate sales data for the past year. I decided to conduct three case studies of historical sales data of downtown Mississauga condos by comparing 2011’s sales figures to 2012’s sales figures.



                    1st Case Study – 2 bedrooms SOLD

                    Criteria: newer (0-5 years), 2 bedroom condos sold in the Square One area (City Center) between Jan 1st to Dec 15th of 2011 and Jan 1st to Dec 15th of 2012.



                    Units Sold: 203

                    Average Listing price: $338,027

                    Average Selling Price: $329,877

                    Average days on market: 33



                    Units Sold: 207 (up by 2%)

                    Average Listing price: $348,882 (up by 3%)

                    Average Selling Price: $339,945 (up by 3%)

                    Average days on market: 36 (down by 9%)



                    2rd Case Study – 1 + dens SOLD

                    Criteria: newer (0-5 years), 1+den condos sold in the Square One area (City Center) between Jan 1st to Dec 15th of 2011 and Jan 1st to Dec 15th of 2012.



                    Units Sold: 171

                    Average Listing price: $268,428

                    Average Selling Price: $262,065

                    Average days on market: 27



                    Units Sold: 105 (down by 63%)

                    Average Listing price: $280,524 (up by 4.5%)

                    Average Selling Price: $273,664 (up by 4%)

                    Average days on market: 30 (down by 11%)



                    3rd case Study – 1 + dens LEASED

                    Criteria: newer (0-5 years), 1+den condos leased in the Square One area (City Center) between Jan 1st to Dec 15th of 2011 and Jan 1st to Dec 15th of 2012.



                    Units Leased: 206

                    Average Listing price: $1,430

                    Average Leased Price: $1,413

                    Average days on market: 22



                    Units Leased: 147 (down by 40%)

                    Average Listing price: $1,506 (up by 5%)

                    Average Leased Price: $1,488  (up by 5%)

                    Average days on market: 20  (up by 10%)



                    Analysis Of This Data

                    There is no question that the real estate market in Mississauga has definitely slowed down a bit. There are less available listings, less properties being sold and the properties that are selling are taking a longer time to sell. However, prices for both condos for sale and condos for lease are still going up on average between 3-5% per year. What does this mean if you are a buyer, seller or tenant?


                    Buyers: You are in a good position to buy. Multiple offers are less common now, as they were at the beginning of 2012. Take your time and shop around.

                    Sellers:You will have to be more patient as properties are taking a longer time to sell. This should not be  a discouragement as prices are still going up. It’s imperative that you price your property to sell, instead of being known as the “overpriced property on the market”.

                    Renters: I bet you are getting sick of the rising renting costs. Stop making your landlord rich, and go ahead and buy your own condo. This can be done with as little as 5% down!


                    Predictions for 2013

                    After taking many, many, many variables into my own equation, I came up with this prediction for the Mississauga Condo real estate market for 2013.


                    Mortgage rates = will be unchanged (or maybe 0.25% up)

                    Available properties for sale = will be less than 2012 – 10-15% drop

                    Purchase Prices = will be up conservatively by 1-3%

                    Rent Prices = will be up conservatively by 1-3%

                    Strongest Demand = 2 bedroom/2bathrooms newer condos and secondary parking spots


                    What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think!

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                    • Mississauga Condo Real Estate Market Update – August 2012
                      Thursday, August 16th, 2012
                    • real estate market mississauga

                      As we are well into the 3rd quarter of 2012, I felt it would be appropriate to give our readers a real estate market update for Mississauga. There is a lot of “buzz” over the internet and different media outlets portraying various real estate predictions, overwhelming the average consumer. This makes it difficult to choose a side, as everyone seems to have a different opinion on this topic.

                      In this blog post, I will share my interpretation of the latest Market Watch for July 2012 and what implications it may have for Mississauga condos.


                      GTA As A Whole – Despite what media outlets say, real estate prices in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) were actually up by 4% from July 2011. The average price is now at $476,947. The number of real estate transactions has declined by 1.5%, while the average property took 26 days to sell (the same amount of time as last year). I would argue that the 4% incline in prices is still a solid indicator that we are in a healthy real estate market.


                      Number Of Square One Condo Sales – The number of transactions in the 905 area code (which includes Mississauga) has actually dropped by 2% compared to (the same time) last year. This number is no surprise to me, as I indicated in the beginning of this year, that we are in a seller’s market. Well priced condos around Square One are known to sell under a week. However, as we are now past the traditional “peak real estate season” of the year, I do see this trend shifting and being more balanced out and even possibly favoring buyers.


                      Average Selling Price Of A Square One Condo – The average selling price of a condo in the 905 area code was up by 1% in July 2012 from July 2011. This modest incline was lower than some of the previous years on record, where we have seen 4-7% price jumps. However, the Mississauga condo market continues to outperform Toronto’s condo market, which experienced a 1% decline in prices during the same time. I do see Square One condos appreciating 1-3% per year as we approach 2013.


                      Conclusion – No one can predict for certain what is going to happen, but based on these statistics it appears to me that we are in healthy shape. Prices are modestly going up (almost in line with inflation which is rated between 2-3%) and now the market appears to be balanced between buyers and sellers.

                      As a Realtor who is passionate about condos, (I follow 25+ national and international condo blogs) let me reassure you that the market conditions are very sour in most places outside of the GTA. Condo prices in some cities in the US have dropped by 40% since the 2008 recession. We here in Canada, and more specifically Mississauga, are fortunate enough to have tight lending policies and a strong economy which prevents a US style real estate market crash.

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