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What to do on your Mississauga condo PDI (Pre-delivery inspection)

Written by Eric Skicki Monday, May 14th, 2018
  • You bought a pre-construction condo a few years back and now it’s time to take possession. But before you get your keys, the builder gives you the opportunity to do a pre-delivery inspection of your unit.  These inspections are mandatory and typically take no more than one hour with most properties.


    I always recommend bringing the following to the PDI


    1)      Original APS (agreement of purchase and sale) , floorplans and any upgrades

    2)      Basic tools – Flashlight, tape measure, green tape

    3)      Note pad

    4)      Digital Camera or phone camera

    5)      Electrical tester – If you want to make sure the switches & outlets are working

    6)      Proper clothing, preferable steel toe boots

    7)      PDI checklist


    PDI check list

    Here is what we came up with for a condo specific PDI checklist



    Kitchen – Start your PDI in the kitchen & work your way room by room. In the kitchen there are several things to look out for.


    1st check the hardwood or tiles, depending what’s inside your specific unit. You want to make sure there is no damage to the plank or tile. If there is damage, then put a green tape sticky on the spot & get the inspector to note down the damage that needs to be fixed.

    2nd check the countertops for any damage along with the backsplash. Again if there is any damage like scratches or chirps but a green tape sticky to the spot.

    3rd check cabinets & drawers by opening them. Make sure all the hinges are properly secure, and that cabinets are properly aligned, open and close without difficulty. Check for scratches or any damage.

    4th open each appliances and make sure that they are properly installed and in working condition. Check for any damage – dents, scratches etc.

    5th Check the sink and the faucet in the kitchen. Make sure that there is both hot and cold water. Fill the sink with water & make sure it drains properly. When you open the lower cabinet beneath the sink make sure there are no water stains underneath. This will tell you that the sink has been properly connected. Also make sure that the dishwasher is connected.

    6th on the list are electric switches & lights. Make sure everything turns on and off and is in proper working condition. & check the entry door to the unit.



    Living Room/Dining Room – There are very few things to look out for here compared to the kitchen, bathroom & laundry room in a condo.


    1st check all the light switches to ensure they are working and turning on and off.

    2nd check the floors for any damage/chirps. Keep in mind that your floors should not make any noise when you walk on them. Make sure that the baseboards are properly aligned and that there are no gaps or damage to these.

    3rd if you have crown moldings, make sure there are no gaps, that they properly align and that there is no visible damage. Make sure that there are no scratches on the walls or that the paint is chirping.

    4th if your condo comes with a fireplace, make sure it is in working condition and turns on and off.

    5thcheck the windows & balcony door that they open & close and that screens are properly installed. Make sure that they lock & unlock properly and check the balcony railing to ensure that it is properly secured.

    6th if you happen to have blinds/shutters in your unit, check that they open and close properly. You want to check that these are correctly installed as well.


    Master Bedroom/Bedrooms – like the living room, you will want to check floors, windows, crown moldings & baseboards for damage. Check the trim & bedroom door to make sure there is no damage and that it opens and closes and that it is properly aligned. If you have a balcony door make sure it opens and closes.


    Bathroom – your bathroom is just as important as your kitchen and consists of a few components.


    1st are the tiles on the floor as well as in the shower or tub that you want to check for damage/chirps.

    2ndcheck that the fan & lights are in perfect working condition.

    3rdwhen you look at the vanity there are a few things to look at such as the mirror to ensure that there are no scratches, damage or chirps, that the lights above it work. The sink & faucet should have hot water & drain properly. Watch out for water stains underneath the sink to ensure there are no leakages and that everything is properly connected. Ensure that all the cabinet doors and drawers open and close and that the hinges are correctly secured.

    4th –  is to check that the toilet is flushing and that it doesn’t leak anywhere.

    5thcheck the caulking around the sink & the bath tub and or shower. Test the shower head & drain. Assure that all faucets are working and that there is hot water and that the water drains. If you have a shower door; assure that it opens and closes and that it is properly installed.

    6th – open and close & lock the bathroom door and look out for any damage and that the door is properly aligned.


    Laundry Room – this is an important component of your inspection. Take your time to assure that it is done accurately and that you don’t miss anything.

    1stMake sure that the vent is going up and out of the unit.

    2ndtake a look that the water is connected

    3rdI recommend turning on the washer & dryer to assure it functions.

    4thcheck the dryer & washer for any dents & scratches and open and close the door.


    Exterior and common elements – This is something that you do not have to worry about as this is the builder’s responsibility.


    Air condition / heating and Mechanical

    –  would just recommend turning on the unit. Most condos have AC on in the summer and heat on in the winter so you will not be able to test either the AC or the heat depending on the season.  



    – I would advise to slide doors open & close to assure they are working. If there is glass check for scratches and chirps or cracks and take a look at the closet rack installation.


    Pro tip – If floors are dusty make sure to note that on your PDI as there might be floor scratches which are not visible until the floor is clean

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    Eric Skicki

    Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations coming to Mississauga Condos

    Written by Eric Skicki Wednesday, January 4th, 2017
    • Tesla car Charger

      Over the past five years electrical cars have been becoming more mainstream, and slowly adapted by the masses. The primarily automotive leader in this space; Tesla, has been expanding its charging stations throughout the country.  

      Currently there are no Mississauga Condo buildings which offer electrical car charging stations. The closest ones are about 5KM away from the downtown core, as shown here.

      New condo builders like Pinnacle International have recognized this new trend, and will offer buyers the option to purchase a charger for their individual parking spot. The first condo project to offer such an option is Amber condo.

      The cost for such an upgrade at the moment is $10,000. We do expect this number to come down in price as more and more builders adapt this practice.

      Aside from having private car charging stations, we do anticipate that new condo developers will begin to add electrical vehicle chargers to some of the visitor parking spots found in condos.


      Read more…

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      Eric Skicki

      New Year Resolutions For Your Condo

      Written by Eric Skicki Wednesday, January 1st, 2014
      • new-years-res-condo

        As a condo owner you do have the luxury of living a nearly worry free lifestyle, as the condo corporation takes care of most repairs for the building complex. In return, you as the owner pay a monthly “condo fee”, also known as “maintenance fee”. Typically speaking, the condo corporation takes care of maintaining the common areas, whereas you have the responsibility of maintaining everything inside your condo unit. Although, there are not many things to maintain inside a condo, owners often forget about the few items which are part of their responsibility.

        In this short blog post, I want to cover three of the most overlooked, and often neglected, responsibilities of being a condo owner.

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        Eric Skicki

        Are Condo Balconies Overrated?

        Written by Eric Skicki Wednesday, December 11th, 2013
        • mississauga-condos-balcony

          Having the chance to work with many condo buyers in the Square One area, I have noted that the majority of condo shoppers have balconies on their “wishlist”. Buyers believe that balconies are an essential part of any condo because it allows them to be outside without having to leave their units. However, are balconies really that important? Or are they simply an overrated feature of a condo?

          The Advantages Of Balconies

          The good news is that pretty much every condo in Mississauga built after 2004 does come with a balcony.  Unless you are buying an older condo, there is not much need to have balconies on your “wishlist” as it’s a standard feature. Some older condos also have balconies, however most of them have solariums, which are in essence ( den like rooms with large windows, positioned next to the living room).

          Read more…

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          Eric Skicki

          Big Ideas For Small Mississauga Condos

          Written by Eric Skicki Saturday, November 16th, 2013
          • small-mississauga-condo-ideas

            It’s no secret that condo builders are designing condo units smaller and smaller. A recent study showed that the average condo size has shrunken as much as 20% from what builders were offering a decade ago. The reason for this is simple; builders realized that in the same amount of space, they can sell a lot more units by making them smaller.

            Most people would argue that bigger is better, when it comes to condos.  As much as I agree that bigger condos are better than smaller condos, it is important to point out that smaller condos are cheaper to furnish and easier to clean.

            In this short blog post, I want to cover 5 cool tips and tricks I have made available to my buyers, who are looking to get the most out of their smaller condo units.


            Read more…

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            Eric Skicki

            Upgrades That Sell Your Mississauga Condo In 2013

            Written by Eric Skicki Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013
            • instal floor mississauga condo

              Since the New Year, the Mississauga condo market has been heating up. Over the past two weeks, I have been featured in several news publications, including The Globe and Mail and YourMississaugaBizz. Based on those publications, I have decided to release a blog for anyone considering selling their condo. In this blog post, I will talk about “upgrades” that seem to sell condos faster. I would argue that as much as 80% off condo buyers in today’s market look for the following upgrades (please keep in mind that this again does not apply to every condo buyer, but has been made based upon my individual observations):

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              Eric Skicki

              Trying To See The “Big Picture” When Buying A Condo In Mississauga

              Written by Eric Skicki Saturday, December 15th, 2012
              • Sky view Mississauga

                The process of purchasing a condo can bring mixed emotions for many buyers. It’s very common for condo buyers to feel excited, indecisive and even at times confused. It is my job, as their Realtor, to step in and guide my buyers to see the “big picture” from an objective point of view. This includes several key elements:

                – Making sure that my client gets to see the best condos which match their criteria

                – Making sure that my client does not get “emotionally” attached to any property

                – Ensuring that once we find a property we like, we end up purchasing it for the price and conditions which make sense

                In this blog post, I want to focus on the first point – “choosing the best condo”. I will cover some of the things buyers often miss when selecting that perfect condo.


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                Eric Skicki

                What’s Going On With Mississauga Condo Parking Spots?

                Written by Eric Skicki Thursday, November 22nd, 2012
                • The above is a picture of Square One taken back in 1973 of what is known today as “downtown Mississauga”! Back then, there were only two main streets – Hurontario and Burnhamthorpe and Square One’s food court was outside. Square One was also surrounded by farms all around it. Since then, much has changed; one of those being available parking spots. In this blog post I will cover everything you need to know about parking spots!

                  Before The Mississauga “Condo Boom”

                  Before the start of the condo boom in the 2000’s, parking spots where a dime a dozen. Many older condos came with 2 parking spots as a default, and adding another vehicle to the family was not an issue. There was less cars in Mississauga, thus finding an additional parking spot to rent for “cheap” was relatively easy. High rise buildings also had a healthy surplus of visitor parking spots just in case you wanted to throw that party and have guests sleep over. What is interesting is, that not only was there more free parking spots during this time, but also the parking spaces where larger in size.

                  Read more…

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                  Eric Skicki

                  Old Condos VS New Style Condos

                  Written by Eric Skicki Tuesday, October 30th, 2012
                  • should buy older or newer condo?

                    Before I take my clients out for showings, I always ask a series of questions which help me select the right units for us to see. One question, which seems to always come up is whether my clients want an “older style” or “newer style” condo. By older style condo, I mean; any condo in Mississauga which was build before 2001 and by newer condo, I mean; any condo in Mississauga which was built after 2001. In this blog post, I will cover the advantages and disadvantages of older and newer condos. 

                    Older Mississauga Condos

                    Most condos in Mississauga built before 2001, are 1,000+ square feet in size, have baseboard heaters and glass enclosed solariums instead of balconies. They offer a great solution for those looking to raise a family or perhaps entertain many guests. Many of these condo units that are found inside older condos, have been extensively renovated to look and feel newer.

                    Advantages of older condos include; good sized units, affordable pricing, and lower condo fees per square footage compared to newer condos. Older condos usually have a formal dining room where the entire family can sit down and eat supper. These condos typically allow the owners to have pets and the condo rules and regulations tend to be more lenient.

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                    Eric Skicki

                    Weak Cell Phone Signals In Condos

                    Written by Eric Skicki Wednesday, July 4th, 2012
                    • angry at cell phoneOne of the most common overlooked downfalls of living in a condo is the possibility of having a weak cell phone reception signal. The reason that I call it a “downfall” is because, unlike houses condos are known to have thick concrete walls which can at times prevent your cellular phone from operating properly inside. This can include users experiencing dropped calls, poor signal reception or dead zones. If cell phone reception is a priority to you, I would strongly suggest taking your cell phone with you when viewing condos for sale. By doing so you can make sure that the condo you are planning to purchase can provide adequate cell phone coverage.

                      I was experiencing cell phone connection issues in my own Square One condo (Skymark West) so, I decided to dig a little deeper, and try to locate the source of the problem and find a reasonable solution. What I found out is as follows: cell phone reception is dependent upon the distance and projectile signal path to the nearest cell towers, carrier and plan, carrier load, weather conditions and finally the phone model itself.


                      Read more…

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