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Eric Skicki

9 Real Estate Mistakes for Mississauga Condos

Written by Eric Skicki Sunday, April 15th, 2012

  • Here are some common mistakes both buyers and sellers make, when purchasing and selling condos around Square One.

    1. Buying a Condo Based On Its Interior/Décor – When you are purchasing a Mississauga condo, you are not buying what is inside the unit but the unit itself. You need to look past the furniture, wall colours and décor and focus on square footage, as well as measuring the unit to make sure that your possessions fit how you envision your unit to look like at the end.

    2. Waiting Until Spring To Sell Your Condo – Sure, spring is a very busy season in real estate, however, your condo will sell for its value the rest of the 365 days. It is simply a myth that it will sell quicker in the springtime. People purchase all year round. Just ask yourself – Do people move to Mississauga in the winter? Of course.

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Eric Skicki

Mississauga Condo Status Certificates

Written by Eric Skicki Saturday, February 25th, 2012
  • What is a Status Certificate?

    A condominium status certificate is a detailed report about the status of a Mississauga condominium. It outlines valuable information including but not limited to; the amount of money in the condo reserve fund, whether or not any major work needs to be done on the condominium, any claims or lawsuits made against the condominium, any special assessments made against the unit owners, the condo budget, insurance information, number of units leased and more.

    Also included within the documentation is the exact cost of monthly condo maintenance fees as well as any outstanding payments.

    The status certificate not only includes the above financial statements but also the condo declaration and condo bylaws. The declaration outlines all of the rules and regulations of the condo. For example, the pet provision which states whether or not pets are allowed in the building.

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