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Eric Skicki

Toronto Condos vs. Mississauga Condos

Written by Eric Skicki Tuesday, May 29th, 2012
Eric Skicki

3 Tips For Mississauga Condo First Time Home Buyers

Written by Eric Skicki Thursday, May 24th, 2012
  • Buyer Tips For Mississauga Condos

    Shopping around for a condo can be an exciting time, especially for first time home buyers. Mixed emotions are present and sometimes significant decisions are made on the spot. During this time, there are numerous things to keep in mind, yet it is easy to get sidetracked and forget what is most important.

    In this blog post, I want to cover the three biggest mistakes I see first time home buyers make, when purchasing a Square One condo. I will outline each mistake, identify the common false belief which is then followed by the true fact.

    1. Shopping For A Condo Using Only MLS – MLS (Multiple Listing Service) also known as is a great starting point for anyone interested in a Mississauga condo. In fact, over 92% of all properties that sell are listed on MLS. However, before any condo is placed on the MLS system and is accessible to the public, it is first placed on– a database only accessible to Realtors. Through this internal system, a good portion of real estate properties are sold before the public has a chance to place any offers on them.


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Eric Skicki

Is Mississauga Expanding Too Fast For Its Own Good?

Written by Eric Skicki Sunday, May 6th, 2012
  • Mississauga future real estate


    Mississauga is recognized as Canada’s 6th biggest and fastest growing major city. A key contributor to this exponential growth, are the downtown core condominiums. However, with so many condos being constructed around Square One, valid questions are being raised. Can the infrastructure in downtown Mississauga support this new population? Is there going to be an oversupply of condos? How will the real estate market respond to such changes?

    All these questions spark interesting debates and everyone seems to have an opinion. If you were to ask five different realtors what they think about the future of Mississauga’s condo market, I guarantee everyone would have a different response.

    I think the future of downtown Mississauga depends on 5 key factors:


    1. Public Transportation – A lot of residents who live in downtown Mississauga need to commute to work by public transit. Mississauga has already taken measures to improve its own transit system by introducing the MiWay, as well as adapting a new system, known as the LRT system, which envisions connecting Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton. The success and integration of these two transportation systems will be a key contributor to how the downtown real estate market will respond.



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Eric Skicki

Buying Resale VS Pre-Construction Condos in Mississauga

Written by Eric Skicki Sunday, April 29th, 2012
  • pre-construction condos vs resale condos


    Over the past few weeks, I had several clients inquire about investing in Square One condos. One question that seems to arise is whether pre-construction condos or resale condos are the better buys. Clients, regardless if buying for principle residence or investment purposes, want to make sure that their real estate purchases appreciate accordingly with the market, and that when they wish to cash out on their condos they have the option to do so.

    I hope to give some insight into buying both new and resale condos in Mississauga. I want to cover new and resale condos from both a primary residence and investment perspective.


    Pre-construction Condos

    Prices of pre-construction condos in downtown Mississauga are currently between $420-470 a square foot. To put into perspective, a one bedroom plus den condo that is 650 square foot goes for roughly $270k-$310k. These prices may seem high to some people, but keep in mind that places like Toronto are currently selling between $600-800 a square foot for pre-construction condos. Although Toronto and Mississauga differ in many ways, this does suggest that the prices of Mississauga condos still have room to grow.


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Eric Skicki

9 Real Estate Mistakes for Mississauga Condos

Written by Eric Skicki Sunday, April 15th, 2012

  • Here are some common mistakes both buyers and sellers make, when purchasing and selling condos around Square One.

    1. Buying a Condo Based On Its Interior/Décor – When you are purchasing a Mississauga condo, you are not buying what is inside the unit but the unit itself. You need to look past the furniture, wall colours and décor and focus on square footage, as well as measuring the unit to make sure that your possessions fit how you envision your unit to look like at the end.

    2. Waiting Until Spring To Sell Your Condo – Sure, spring is a very busy season in real estate, however, your condo will sell for its value the rest of the 365 days. It is simply a myth that it will sell quicker in the springtime. People purchase all year round. Just ask yourself – Do people move to Mississauga in the winter? Of course.


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Eric Skicki

Pinnacle Uptown Condos – VIP Sale

Written by Eric Skicki Thursday, March 29th, 2012
  • crystal condos Mississauga

    UPDATE April 9th, 2012 – There are some limited VIP units left for sale. Please contact me before prices go up.


    The much anticipated Pinnacle Uptown Condo is launching its VIP Agent Sale Wednesday, April 4th at noon sharp! This sale is closed to the public unless you are on the VIP agent list. To join this list for free please contact me.

    The first phase of this condo project will be called Crystal condos and will include two buildings; one 24 and the other 28 stories tall. The Pinnacle Uptown condos are great for anyone looking for an upscale downtown Mississauga condo lifestyle, yet at the same time being close to two major freeways which lead in and out of the city. Hurontario and Eglinton is a well-established area in the heart of Mississauga, thus those looking to buy the Crystal condo as an investment are sure to get a good return on their money.


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Eric Skicki

Investing in Mississauga Condos – 2012

Written by Eric Skicki Tuesday, March 27th, 2012
  • investing-in-condos-mississauga

    With new condo sale records broken once again this year, Mississauga is once again in the spotlight of many who seek a good return on their real estate investment. According to a report by the Toronto Real Estate Board, Mississauga condos experienced a healthy 7.21% price increase from February 2011 to February 2012.

    This is more than double of the 3.31% price increase found in Toronto, between February 2011 and February 2012. Not surprisingly, condos in the Mississauga area are considered more affordable with the average price at $241,900 as compared to Toronto; where prices on average hovered around the $320,000 mark.

    In this blog post I hope to share some of my personal client experiences, and how investors; both local and distant are choosing Mississauga condos as their number one real estate investments in 2012.


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Eric Skicki

Busy Day at the Pinnacle Construction Site

Written by Eric Skicki Sunday, March 11th, 2012
  • Construction at Pinnacle

    Here is a birds-eye-view snapshot from yesterday of the Pinnacle Grand Park construction site, located at Burnhamthorpe and Grand Park road. This 24 story condo in downtown Mississauga is expected to be completed by 2014.

    The builder Pinnacle International will be launching a second condo project called Pinnacle Uptown at Hurontario and Eglinton.  This project will consist of several condos, the first one being named “Crystal”.  Pinnacle Uptown will be launching in a few weeks. If you are interested in either one of the pre-construction condominium projects or any other Square One condo please do contact me.



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Eric Skicki

PSV 2 Condo VIP Price Sales Event

Written by Eric Skicki Monday, March 5th, 2012

  • UPDATE May 31st: VIP agent Prices and floor plans have been released for PSV 2 condos in downtown Mississauga. Please call us or email us to have them sent to your email. The sale will end only in a few weeks  at which point the prices will increase.

    Starting June 9th there will be a special VIP sales event for PSV condos (posh style vibe condos). There will be one bedroom, one plus den and two bedroom units released. The prices will fall between low to mid $400 per square foot. The price list is going to be released soon to selected Realtors. The PSV condos are a popular choice for both people planning to live in the units and for people buying the units for investment purposes. I do expect this project to sell out fast. If you are interested in securing a condo unit or seeing the PSV condo showroom in downtown Mississauga please contact me.


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Eric Skicki

Marilyn Monroe Absolute Condos Penthouse Sale

Written by Eric Skicki Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

    With Marilyn Monroe condos (50 and 60 absolute) near completion, the builder Fernbrook Homes is excited to release the final phase of this monument condo. This release will include three penthouse units which range from 1600 to 1785 square feet in size. The penthouses will have access to the “absolute club” with a large indoor and outdoor swimming pool, whirlpool bath, change rooms, 2 squash courts and more! Seeing as how the condo units are still not complete, the buyer still has the option to select certain color finishes and upgrades. Occupancy expected to be in July and August 2012.

    These units are still not for sale to the public for another 3-4 weeks, however for those interested, I can grant you instant VIP access to the pre-sales event.  The penthouse units can be seen in person, including the views they offer from the 50th floor.

    Each Penthouse includes 2 parking spots and maintenance fees are approx. 52 cents /Sq ft. The prices of the Marilyn Monroe Absolute Condos Penthouses range from 1.2 million to 1.4 million CND.


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