Eric Skicki

Are Condo Balconies Overrated?


Having the chance to work with many condo buyers in the Square One area, I have noted that the majority of condo shoppers have balconies on their “wishlist”. Buyers believe that balconies are an essential part of any condo because it allows them to be outside without having to leave their units. However, are balconies really that important? Or are they simply an overrated feature of a condo?

The Advantages Of Balconies

The good news is that pretty much every condo in Mississauga built after 2004 does come with a balcony.  Unless you are buying an older condo, there is not much need to have balconies on your “wish list” as it’s a standard feature. Some older condos also have balconies, however, most of them have solariums, which are in essence ( den like rooms with large windows, positioned next to the living room).



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