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Mississauga’s New Transit System


Since Ontario is expected to grow by another 4million people over the next 30 years, the federal government and the Province of Ontario are partaking in a few transit projects to move all the residents efficiently and effectively as possible. They aspire to build a new transit system that will get transit riders from one point to the next as quickly as possible and as easy as possible. The vision is to make it easier to travel from and through Mississauga and the GTA. In 2009, the Bus Rapid System (BRT) was developed as a successor to the Bus Bypass Shoulders and another BRT system. The project is expected to finally conclude in 2013, connecting Winston Churchill Blvd and

Erin Mills (adjacent to Highway 403) and along 403 between Erin Mills and Mavis Road on the West and connecting the 403/Eglinton corridor from City Centre to Renforth Dr to the East. The system is expected to cover 18km along Highway 403 and Eglinton Ave. It will link with local buses and inter-regional transit and subway systems. What does this mean for residents in downtown Mississauga?



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