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Floor Premiums for Mississauga Condos

One difficult choice that buyers are faced with when shopping around for a Square One condo is the decision as to which floor of a condo to purchase a unit on. Although, I do not promise that this article will give you a straight answer as to which floor to select, it will make your purchase decision more clear as you will become more aware of the pro’s and con’s of high and low floors.

Low Floors in Condos

Let’s start off with the lower floors. Those who choose to live on low floors mainly do it for the safety and convenience. Typical responses vary from “I’m afraid of high floors” to “what if my kids were to fall off the balcony”.  Lower floors are also better accessible for elderly people or people

in wheelchairs.  Unlike with high floor condo units, the option to use the stairs or elevator is always there, which is also a plus. The other day, I had a customer joke that if a condo fire occurred, the fire truck’s ladder would only reach the seventh floor, so he advised me that he wouldn’t want to live higher than the seventh floor.

On the other hand, other people see low floors, particularly first level units, as invitations to burglars. They assume that the first level condos provide easy access for those looking to break into units.



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  • Misko says:

    Article says one of the disadvantages on higher floor condos is lower ceilings? This is nonsense, higher floors almost always have high 9 or 10 foot ceilings which is higher than condos on lower floors.
    I dont know if this was an honest mistake or what but it completely discredits the article.

  • admin says:

    Hi Misko,

    Thanks for reading our blog! Most new buildings in Mississauga have higher ceilings (10 feet plus) on the first few levels. For reference please see City gate condos, Limelight condos and PSV condos. These are often referred to as the “podium units”. That’s said, often the top two levels have penthouse units, which may have higher ceilings also.

    In Toronto, I often seen a reverse trend where the lower floors have low ceilings and the higher floors have higher ceilings.

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