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Pre-Construction Square One Condos

Completion NameAddress/General LocationAprx Start Price Price for 1 Bed in 2015

Estimated Maintenance in 2015# of Units# of FloorsStatus
Late 2018Grande Mirage Condos355 Rathburn West (by appointment only)$280,000+Est. $0.49+ PSF34422Pre-Construction
Late 2018Block Nine CondosBurnhamthorpe &
Grand Park (by appointment only)
$280,000+Est. $0.49+ PSFTBA32 & 26Pre-Construction
Late 2017Amber CondosHurontario and Eglinton (by appointment only)
$280,000+Est. $0.50+ PSFTBA24 and 26Pre-Construction
Mid 2017Pinnacle Grand Park 2Burnhamthorpe &
Grand Park (by appointment only)
$280,000+Est. $0.43+ PSFTBA48 95% sold out. Call now.
Early 2016PSV Condos - 1 & 2Burnhamthorpe &
Confederation (by appointment only)
$280,000+Est. $0.49+ PSFTBA48 & 4295% sold out. Call now.
Now occupied Mirage Condos349 Rathburn West (by appointment only)$280,000+Est. $0.43+ PSF35222Sold out
2021M City400 Burnhamthorpe Road West$280,000+Est. $0.50+ PSF TBA60Pre-Construction
2021Pinnacle Uptown5044 Huronatrio St$280,000+Est. $0.50+ PSF TBATBAPre-Construction
2020Daniels New City Centre329 Burnhamthorpe Road West$280,000+Est. $0.50+ PSF TBATBAPre-Construction

Existing Square One Condos




Aprox. Start Price 1bed in early 2015

Aprox. maintenance in early 2015

Hydro Inc.# of units

# of floors

Units For SaleSales History Comparison
2015Pinnacle Uptown Crystal Condos55, 75 Eglinton Ave$280,000+$0.49+ PSFN57224 & 28FOR SALECompare
2014Pinnacle Grand Park3985 Grand Park Dr$260,000+$0.49+ PSFNN/A29FOR SALECompare
2013Park Residences

4099 BrickStone Mews$280,000+$0.52+ PSFNn/an/aFOR SALECompare
2013Grand Residences

4070 Confederation Pkwy$280,000+$0.52+ PSFN40245FOR SALECompare
2013Residences Condo

4065 Brickstone Mews$280,000+$0.52+ PSFN28836FOR SALECompare
2012LimeLight Condo365 Prince of Wales & 360 Square One Drive$280,000+$0.43-$0.49+ PSFN58922 & 32FOR SALECompare
2011Marilyn Monroe Condo

50, 60 Absolute Ave$260,000+$0.50+ PSFN45356FOR SALECompare
2011WideSuite Condo
208 Enfield Place$250,000+$0.45+ PSFN27837FOR SALE Compare
2010Chicago Condo

385 Prince of Wales$270,000+$0.47+ PSFN41735FOR SALE Compare
2010Onyx Condo

223 Webb Drive$280,000+$0.55+ PSFN

35336FOR SALE Compare
2010Elle Condo

3525 Kariya Drive$250,000+$0.48+ PSFN32831FOR SALE Compare
2009Ultra Ovation Condo

330 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W.$250,000+$0.44+ PSFN29732FOR SALE Compare
2009Eve Condo

3515 Kariya Drive$250,000+$0.51+ PSFN

27632FOR SALE Compare
2009One Park Tower Condo

388 Prince of Wales Drive$270,000+$0.49+ PSFN40738FOR SALE Compare
2008Solstice Condo & Loft

225 Webb Drive$270,000+$0.55+ PSFN37538FOR SALE Compare
2008Tuscany Gates Condo

220 Forum Drive$230,000+$0.37+ PSFN23620FOR SALE Compare
2008Universal Condo

335 Rathburn Rd. West$230,000+$0.46+ PSFN29622FOR SALE Compare
2008Grand Ovation Condo

310 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W$250,000+$0.52+ PSFN45834FOR SALE Compare
2007Absolute Condo

70, 80, 90 Absolute Ave$250,000+$0.55+ PSFY/N *n/a31 & 35 FOR SALE Compare
2006City Gate Condo

3939 Duke of York Blvd & 220 Burnhamthorpe$260,000+$0.57+ PSFY33524FOR SALE Compare
2005Capital Tower Condo

4080, 4090 Living Arts Dr$260,000+$0.56+ PSFNn/a30 & 31FOR SALE Compare
2004Tridel Ovation Condo

3880 & 3888 Duke of York Blvd$250,000+$0.52+ PSFY47132FOR SALE Compare
2004Eden Park Condo

3504 Hurontario St.$240,000+$380+ 1bedY28933FOR SALE Compare
2004City One Condo

1 & 33 Elm Drive$240,000+$320-$370 1bedN35931FOR SALE Compare
2003The Tiara Condo

156 Enfield Place$230,000+$0.48+ PSFN28525FOR SALE Compare
2002Compass Creek Condo

200 Burnhamthorpe Road East$200,000+$240-$300 1bedYn/a17FOR SALE Compare
2000SkyMark Condo

25 & 35 Kingsbridge Garden Circle$240,000+$0.42-$0.45 PSFY388 & 38234FOR SALECompare
1992Center I & II Condo
330, 350 Rathburn Road$190,000+$0.62+ PSFY40624 & 20FOR SALECompare
1991The Centre Four Condo

400 Webb Drive$220,000+$0.48+ PSFY22523FOR SALECompare
1990The Fairmont Condo

25 Fairview Road West$180,000+$0.53+ PSFY17015FOR SALECompare
Mansion Condo

55 Kingsbridge Garden$280,000+$0.64+ PSFYn/a23FOR SALECompare
Park Mansion Condo

45 Kingsbridge Garden$280,000+$0.58+ PSFY35736FOR SALECompare
1990The Odyssey Condo

250 Webb Drive$220,000+$0.48-$0.52+ PSFY26515FOR SALECompare
Phoenix Condo

550 Webb Drive$220,000+$0.54+ PSFY34427FOR SALECompare
1990The Constellation Place Condo

700 Constellation Drive$210,000+$0.55+ PSFY18519FOR SALECompare
1990City View Condo

4450, 4460, 4470 Tucana Court$180,000+$0.58+ PSFY/N*25021FOR SALECompare
Californian Condo

50 Kingsbridge Garden$200,000+$0.60+ PSFYn/a17FOR SALECompare
1989Club One Condo

300 Webb Drive$220,000+$0.51-$0.54+ PSFN19615FOR SALECompare
1989The Monarchy One and Two Condo

325 & 335 Webb Drive$230,000+$0.54+ PSFN51622FOR SALECompare
1985Shergate Condo

4235 Sherwoodtown Blvd$220,000+$0.46-0.48+ PSFN17018FOR SALECompare
1983Sharegate Tower Condo

200 Robert Speck Parkway$180,000+$0.52+ PSFY16121FOR SALECompare
n/aThe Obelisk One Condo

3590 Kaneff Crescent$210,000+$575-$590
Y25020FOR SALECompare
n/aPlace IV Condo

3650 Kaneff Crescent$210,000+$0.52+ PSFY26033FOR SALECompare
n/aChelsea Towers One Condo

4185, 4205, Shipp Drive$170,000+$0.58+ PSFYn/a21FOR SALECompare
n/aThe Platinum Condo

350 Webb Drive$220,000+$0.53+ PSFNn/a22FOR SALECompare
n/aThe Espirt Condo

50 Eglinton Avenue West$220,000+$0.55+ PSFN22023FOR SALECompare
n/aAnaheim Towers One & Two Condo

25, 35 Trailwood Drive$170,000+$0.61+ PSFYn/a24FOR SALECompare

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